Every agency must be a climate agency.

President-elect Biden campaigned and won on unprecedented climate ambition. Now, every federal agency must be a climate agency — and over the coming weeks, Evergreen will lay out five concrete steps each agency can take to deliver on Biden’s climate mandate. The Five to Mobilize campaign provides lawmakers, advocates and incoming federal staff with a clear path for climate action.

You can find all of our published Five to Mobilize memos here, as well as a list of memos to be released in the weeks to come.

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General Services Administration

Moving America’s power grid to 100% carbon-free electricity by 2035 is not only our best tool to fight the climate crisis — it’s also a powerful engine for economic growth that would create millions of new good jobs.

The Clean Electricity Standard (CES) proposed in President Biden’s American Jobs Plan (AJP) could prove to be one of his administration’s most impactful policies. Moving America’s power grid to 100% carbon-free electricity by 2035 is not only our best tool to fight the climate crisis — it’s also a powerful engine for economic growth that would create millions of new good jobs.

In order to reach 100% clean power by 2035, we’ll have to rapidly ramp up renewable power generation and upgrade America’s aging transmission infrastructure. These industries are already growing quickly, and implementing a Clean Electricity Standard will supercharge…

Biden’s GSA Pick, Robin Carnahan, has a mandate for green procurement.

As the next GSA Administrator, Robin Carnahan will be tasked with the decarbonization of one of the largest sectors of the economy — the U.S. government. President Biden has already taken important steps to reduce the federal government’s carbon pollution, including committing to electrifying the federal fleet, and in her new role, Carnahan can ensure the administration continues to lead by example in their national effort to defeat the climate crisis.

The federal government is the single largest consumer of energy in the country, which is why strong climate leadership from GSA will have tremendous downstream effects across the country…

Here’s why that could be the most consequential climate policy of Biden’s presidency.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden announced the American Jobs Plan (AJP), a bold vision for infrastructure to build back better and power a clean energy economic recovery. The plan includes a Clean Electricity Standard (CES) for 100% carbon-free electricity by 2035, a transformative proposal that could be the single most important climate policy of the Biden era.

Cleaning up our power grid is essential to the fight against the climate crisis and a CES is one of the most powerful tools to get it done. Paired with complementary policies to electrify the building, transportation, and industrial sectors, transitioning to a…

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Industry growth and union jobs built the history of Pittsburgh. On Wednesday, Joe Biden can announce a clean energy infrastructure plan to build the future of Pittsburgh and thousands of other American cities. After campaigning on investments to revitalize our nation’s crumbling infrastructure, create millions of good paying union jobs, and power a clean energy economic recovery, now is the time to deliver.

Voters gave President Biden a mandate to act on climate. In Pittsburgh, he should make the case that now is the time to be bold. …

Biden Takes Big Steps Toward Delivering on Climate Mandate with Week 1 Executive Orders

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Today, Evergreen Action Executive Director Jamal Raad released the following statement on President Biden’s latest slate of executive actions to combat the climate crisis:

“Today’s historic executive actions put President Biden off to a great start delivering on his mandate for ambitious climate action. President Biden campaigned on a popular clean energy economic recovery agenda that centers environmental justice and good-paying union jobs for American workers. The Biden/Harris transition team also promised an ‘all-of-government’ effort involving each federal agency in an unprecedented effort to confront the climate crisis and build a just and thriving clean energy economy.

“These steps…

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With the swearing-in of Senators Alex Padilla, Raphael Warnock, and Jon Ossoff, Senator Chuck Schumer becomes majority leader for the first time, and for the first time in a decade, Democrats have a governing majority in the House and the Senate. This time, they’ll enter the House, the Senate, and the Presidency broadly unified around Joe Biden’s sweeping climate agenda. Biden ran on the boldest climate plan of any presidential nominee in history, and won a decisive victory. Democrats now have a mandate to deliver on Biden’s plan for robust clean energy standards, transformative investments, and environmental justice.

Majority Leader…

Today Evergreen Action Campaign Director Jamal Raad released the following statement on the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States, Joseph R. Biden.

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This is our moment. Joe Biden has the opportunity to make history as the president who mobilizes America to defeat the climate crisis.

Today, Joe Biden will take the oath of office to become the Climate President that America needs. Biden ran on the biggest climate plan of any presidential nominee in American history, and he now has a mandate to deliver decisive action on the climate crisis. …

Originally published January 8, 2021

Joe Biden’s SBA will put small businesses at the heart of a thriving clean energy economy. Under Isabel Guzman’s experienced leadership, the SBA should lead the way with record investments to support innovative clean energy small businesses.

Under Donald Trump, the SBA showed its ability to rapidly move funding to connected fossil fuel companies, including a $10 million loan to a Denver coal company for which former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt had lobbied. Under Joe Biden, the SBA should act with similar speed to deploy loans to clean energy small businesses

As Administrator, Isabel Guzman…

Originally published January 15, 2021

The climate crisis is devastating more communities than ever and the U.S. government is still woefully unprepared for its effects. This year’s raging wildfires, widespread heatwaves, and record hurricane season drove home the destructive consequences of poor climate preparation. FEMA has always been the frontline of the federal reaction to climate change; now President-elect Biden must enlist FEMA in a proactive, all-of-government climate mobilization.

Climate change is costing Americans right now. Last year, the climate crisis cost a record $45 billion, and the fiscal impact is only projected to grow. Biden appointee Deanne Criswell will…

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