BREAKING: Biden just released his new climate plan

By Sam Ricketts, Evergreen co-founder

This is huge news: Joe Biden just released a new climate plan, and I’m thrilled to tell you that it includes many of the policy recommendations we’ve been pushing for together.

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This is a big victory for Evergreen — and with your help, it won’t be our last. Donate to Evergreen Action today so we can continue to push Democrats to put bold climate action at the top of our national agenda.

I’m a policy guy, so I want to break down a few reasons why Vice President Biden’s new climate plan is such a big deal:

  • It calls for major new investments in a clean energy-led economic recovery — just like we called for in our Evergreen Action Plan.
  • It includes enforceable, sector-specific benchmarks to keep decarbonization on track as we move toward 100% clean energy — like 100% clean electricity by 2035 and 100% net-zero energy commercial buildings by 2030.
  • It holds polluters accountable for environmental injustice — for example, by creating a White House environmental justice council, using community data to implement an Equity Screen on federal policy actions, and directing 40% of investments to support disadvantaged communities.

Biden didn’t make these improvements to his climate plan on his own. This progress stems from months of advocacy — from Jay Inslee and his policy team, from Evergreen Action, and from supporters like you who’ve continually raised your voice. You deserve enormous credit for this moment, as does Biden, of course, for his willingness to listen.

Let’s keep the momentum going. Donate today to Evergreen Action so we can keep the pressure up on Democratic candidates all around the country these last four months before Election Day!

The Evergreen crew — and that includes you! — put a lot of work into making sure Biden’s approach to the climate crisis is decisive and unapologetic. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but with enough persistence, it does happen. Our work isn’t done yet. I look forward to seeing what we accomplish together next.

With gratitude,

Sam Ricketts
Co-Founder, Evergreen Action

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