I left the presidential race a year ago today

When I broke the news that I was ending my presidential run, I vowed that we would fight to get our gold-standard plan for climate action adopted by the Democratic Party and the next president. In fact, I made that plan open source and called on any nominee to adopt it in full. It’s been heartening and humbling to watch you all continue that mission and spread my plans far and wide.

While I won’t be in the White House next year, I know our work and our mission will continue. Bold climate plans that include the policies I have worked and campaigned on must be part of the next presidential administration.

Evergreen Action has much more work to do to ensure that happens.

If you supported an all-out national mobilization to beat the climate crisis a year ago and still do, donate today to Evergreen to help keep up the momentum on bold climate action.

In the past year, Joe Biden has moved to embrace our shared vision. His latest climate plans call for major new investments in a clean energy-led economic recovery. They propose robust federal standards, like achieving 100% clean electricity by 2035, to power future growth with renewable energy. And they are grounded in a deep commitment to environmental justice by holding polluters accountable.

But more work needs to be done. We need to convince all policymakers the truth of what I’ve always believed: Climate is a winning issue. I cannot wait to see what we accomplish together from our joint commitment and efforts in the year to come.

If you can, continue to support this work with a donation today to Evergreen Action — they are keeping our climate fight going.

When I left the presidential race, I did so knowing that the campaign we built together was the start of something much bigger. Thank you for proving me right.

Very truly yours,




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