President Biden’s ‘Climate Day’ Executive Orders

Biden Takes Big Steps Toward Delivering on Climate Mandate with Week 1 Executive Orders

Evergreen Action
2 min readJan 27, 2021
Photo: © 2020 Gage Skimore

Today, Evergreen Action Executive Director Jamal Raad released the following statement on President Biden’s latest slate of executive actions to combat the climate crisis:

“Today’s historic executive actions put President Biden off to a great start delivering on his mandate for ambitious climate action. President Biden campaigned on a popular clean energy economic recovery agenda that centers environmental justice and good-paying union jobs for American workers. The Biden/Harris transition team also promised an ‘all-of-government’ effort involving each federal agency in an unprecedented effort to confront the climate crisis and build a just and thriving clean energy economy.

“These steps are clear evidence that President Biden is stepping up to fulfill his climate mandate from the American people. Formally establishing a White House Climate Office and an International Special Envoy for Climate are good indications that climate will be a top domestic and foreign policy priority in this administration. His orders also empower a National Climate Task Force to create plans for agencies across the federal government to reduce emissions, charting the course for the all-of-government mobilization we need to defeat the climate crisis. Today’s executive orders will begin to realize key justice commitments to dedicate 40% of federal green investments in disadvantaged communities and invest in a just transition for workers. By supercharging federal agency procurement of electric vehicles and renewable energy, these executive orders will also drive the creation of good union jobs building more American-made clean energy. And Biden’s directive to immediately cease new leasing on public lands will begin to scale back the fossil fuel production that is responsible for approximately 24% of the nation’s carbon pollution.

“Biden’s all-out climate mobilization is off to a great start with these executive orders — now every federal agency and Congress must do their part too.”

Many of President Biden’s executive orders also match recommendations made in the Evergreen Action Plan. Evergreen has also compiled the complete list of 46 climate executive actions President Biden has promised to enact while in office.